Ever wondered how small bathroom vanities can be incorporated into your bathroom to make it more operational? Well, in this article, we shall dive into the small bathroom vanity ideas and their crucial importance in the general structure of a bathroom plus the configuration of the bathroom


Small bathroom vanities are space-saving pieces of furniture, normally composed of a sink and storage particularly to fit in constrained space.

They serve as a working area for hygiene tasks such as dental care, hair care, make-up, nail care, and skincare routines. Additionally, they provide storage for bathroom essentials like towels, baskets, hooks, cleaning supplies, and toiletries- amongst many other essential items that suit the preference of any other individual.


Small bathroom vanities aim to cater to storage needs and also fulfill the practical objective but they also serve different purposes;

  1. Maximizing space. These kinds of vanities are generally preferred and most suitable for homeowners who intend on making the most out of their small bathrooms.
  2. Different small bathroom vanities also add to the general bathroom appeal and highlight its aesthetic. They serve the décor purpose this way.
  3. Small bathroom vanities are also convenient because they make personal administration items easily accessible, making all personal hygiene routines more efficient.

the ideas

Several small bathroom vanities are considered in homes when space has to be maximized. Here are the main types;

Wall mounted vanities

These installations are directly attached to the walls with no core touching the floor.

They create an illusion of more space in the bathroom, are easy to clean, their height can easily be customized and they offer multifunctional storage systems.

Wall-mounted vanities are also generally considered to be more practical.

this is my best small bathroom vanity idea
  • Making cleaning easy,
  • practical

Vessel sink vanities

A vessel sink is fundamentally a bowl that sits directly on the vanity countertop, far from the whole prevalence of sinks that are usually recessed.

They are easy to install since the countertop doesn’t need to be cut. Aside from that, cleaning is also easy with these vanities and their unique design often complements the overall bathroom layout.

Vessel sink vanities are typically bold statements in most bathrooms.

  • fancy
  • stylish
  • chic

Corner vanities

These are always fixed into the corners of the bathrooms to make use of the space.

They highlight the bathroom more and leave more space to the center since they are installed in the corners. They can easily be adjusted and also come in various designs to suit the homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

  • master space saver
  • design compatibility

Pedestal vanities

These consist of a single foundation supporting the sink.

They are easy to install and also come in various shapes and sizes which makes them more versatile. They are also universally easy to clean since they lack corners where dirt and grime usually accumulate.

  • versatility
  • 2 in one

Compact-double vanities

These are essentially designed to provide the comfort of double sinks.

They offer dual functionality since they feature two sinks that is, two individuals are in position to use the vanity simultaneously. They offer storage options and also come with a variety of customizable features.

  • elegancy
  • dual function

Freestanding vanities

These rest directly on the bathroom floor and do not require wall attachment.

They are a popular choice for DIY projects, complement various design styles and they also take into usage the incredible floor space.

  • DIY
  • easy installation

Open shelf vanities

These are primarily open shelves.

They provide visible storage and easy access to bathroom essentials, are easy to maintain, can easily be customized and also serve the multipurpose design function since they can feature multiple shelves.

  • compartment style
  • fits to any colours of the room


  • Space

Measure the available space in the bathroom to ensure that the chosen vanity fits in perfectly and comfortably.

  • Accessibility

Consider the measurements of the chosen vanity to ensure comfortable use and easy access.

  • Floor support

For free standing vanities, ensure that the floor is stable enough to support the weight of the vanity.

  • Wall support

For wall mounting vanities, ensure that the wall can support the weight of the vanity and its contents.

  • Plumbing

Check for operational plumbing lines, make necessary adjustments, and always consider involving professional plumbers for intricate plumbing tasks.


  1. Choose a vanity with ample storage options.
  2. Choose a vanity height, comfortable for all users.
  3. Incorporate lighting above or around the vanity.
  4. Position mirrors over the vanity to span the width and create an illusion of a larger space.
  5. Select a vanity with a spacious countertop.
  6. Add personal decorative touches like artwork and plants.


  1. Incorporate a mix of wood, metal, and stone to vanity design for visual interest.
  2. Include storage solutions like built-in organizers.
  3. There is a growing trend towards bold colors such as navy blues, emerald greens and blacks to create a striking focal point.
  4. Open shelving is the best choice for resourcefulness.
  5. In bathrooms shared by individuals of different heights, small bathroom vanities of mixed heights are becoming popular to accommodate all user needs.


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