Kitchen lighting is a very important aspect in the kitchen that brings out the major beauty of the place and also defines you and your style it an even depend on the age these are our top picks of the 10 best kitchen lighting ideas that you can pick inspiration from

Our Top Picks!

What are the best kitchen lighting ideas?

1.Pendant Lights Over the Island

Pendant lights over the kitchen island bring out this essence and modern style of lighting in the kitchen that looks trendy this makes your culinary space look more attractive and professional and more unique this is an idea you can adopt to for the fact that its not so popular in many homes

pendant lights with glass bowl view at Wayfair

2.Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is purposeful for illuminating countertops and counter lows this is done by placing LED strips under a cabinet or round lamps It helps you see clearly while chopping vegetables or reading recipes. LED strips are an excellent option as they are energy-efficient and can be easily installed. This gives a clear sight of the cooking to avoid injuries like cuts


  • led strips
  • puck lights
  • LED bar lights
  • xenon light fixtures

3.Recessed Ceiling Lights

what are recessed ceiling lights?

These are a type of lights that are installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling they can also be called downlights and they give a sleek and modern look in the area they are installed these lights are efficient for the fact they save space energy and they can be adjusted easily

For a sleek, modern look, recessed ceiling lights are a great choice. They provide uniform lighting and can be strategically placed to eliminate shadows. Use dimmable bulbs to adjust the brightness according to your needs.

the installation that makes them eliminate shadows makes them a good lighting idea for the kitchen area

4.Chandeliers for Elegance

Chandeliers are not traditionally designed for dining rooms and living rooms they can also be used to complement the kitchen and improve the illumination and give exotic elegance to the kitchen the crystals can make reflections that can make the kitchen more bright

this is AOOCOW a golden modern crystal chandelier light that can give you elegance essence in your kitchen

the crystal displays and golden colour make them look elegant

5.Track Lighting for Versatility

Track lighting, a kitchen lighting idea where lamps are on a simple medium length of a about any length basing on designers will with adjustable lamps that can face any direction with aim to control shadows these are commonly used over the sinks at times to highlight the areas

Adjustable lights on a rod

6.Statement Fixtures

If your kitchen includes a dining area the statement lights bring out the focal point of the dining area these are very suitable to be above the dining area They can include pendants and bells

7.Natural Light with Skylights

Natural light with sky light is a very classic kitchen lighting idea that many people have not resolved to being an expensive method it can help to reduce the cost of electricity that only need the sun this makes the kitchen feel larger HOW COOL!!!

8.Vintage Industrial Lighting

For a rustic or industrial vibe the vintage kitchen lighting idea can be the best to bring out the essence of anciency and the industrial era this may not always be applicable in the modern days but its a very good idea and can be adopted to with a cheap cost

9.Accent Lighting

using accent lighting is a fancy idea of illumination that can be used to show case the favourite dish ware or even the most expensive cutlery that can be stored in the kitchen this is also done with LED strips and they can be DIY


lastly thankyou for have read this post this far and me and my team hope this is helpful to you more value about your home customisation is on the way keep trusting us

go make that kitchen bright

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